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would you like to: shrink piles, stop bleeding and pain?

pilesfit combo pack for 15 days

get the best treatment for 2nd and 3rd grade piles, FASTER RELIEF IN 1ST GRADE.

  • Start getting relief in pain within 48 hrs. of use
  • Shrink lumps and swelling, Stops bleeding, Itchiness and burning sensations
  • Unique two way complete Piles Treatment which works internally as well as externally
  • Get back to normal life, without any pain and discomfort.
  • 100% ayurvedic, natural and safe. No side effects.
  • Also treat fissures and fistulas

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pilesfit combo pack is the best solution to treat your piles completely:

quick and long lasting relief in piles

Pilesfit combo gives you quick and long lasting relief in pain, itching and burning sensations. It's dual internal & external action, gives you the fastest relief.

treat lumps and swelling

Pilesfit combo is the best for shrinking internal as well as external lumps. It prevents to recur the problem. No need to go for surgery.

no harmful chemicals

All ingredients of Pilesfit combo pack are 100% natural and completely safe. It has no side effects at all.

real results..... These people used pilesfit and this is what they had to say.....

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Vivek Debbarma

Guwahati, India

"After using two and half weeks,my piles has been gone completely. Now there is no bleeding. Swelling has been reduced significantly."

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Ridhima Gulati

New Delhi, India

"I got piles during my pregnancy and I thank God that i found and use this miracle medicine. It is safe and very effective."

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Rajeev Thakur

Bokaro, India

"I had two lumps inside and doctor told me to go for surgery, which i never wanted. Used Pilesfit combo pack for two months and there is no lump now."

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Mayank Pandey

Salcete Goa, India

"Amazing results. Thank you."

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Parthipa Rajesh

Chennai, India

"Really effective and highly recommended."

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Abhijeet Kumar

Jalandhar, India

"I got piles two years back. I tried many treatments but did not get any satisfactory result and my problem escalated to next stage. I found this complete combo on google search and ordered. I was really amazed to see that within a week of use , my pain was reduced so much. I can feel that my lumps are also shrinking. I never felt these kind of results with any other treatment in the past. "

why should you use pilesfit complete combo pack ?

Astringent Properties: Pilesfit has powerful astringent qualities, which offers quick and long lasting relief.
Root Treatment: It shrinks lumps and ease the discomfort. It stops bleeding, reduce pain and soothes itching. Pilesfit is a result of years of research and experiment, which treat piles from its root and prevent relapse of the problem.
Unique Ayurvedic Formula: Pilesfit combo pack is unique. It contains ayurvedic capsules which treats the problem from inside and a ayurvedic cream for external use, which gives you fastest relief in pain and itching. It helps in reducing the size of your lumps. With its dual action treatment, piles go away completely. Well balanced and time tested formula of Pilesfit, is trusted by all, to get relief from piles. It is a unique combination of ayurvedic herbs.

best ayurvedic medicine for piles

Good For All: Piles happens because of inactive and lazy lifestyle, constipation and stomach related problems. Men and women both suffer by this problem. Pilesfit combo pack can be used by both, men and women.
International Quality: Quality and safety is the most important for us. The manufacturing process of Pilesfit comply with all international quality standards.

Start feeling better in just 48 hours. Use our Pilesfit Complete combo pack and see the difference!

escape painful surgery. treat your piles at home.

When you tell your doctor that you are suffering from piles, he will suggest for piles surgery and will tell that surgery is the only way to get rid of your piles. Here, the point is that there is no specific oral piles treatment available in modern medical system.
Moreover, There are so many examples that even after surgery, piles can come back again, perhaps sometimes with double or triple intensity of pain and lumps.

Pilesfit complete combo pack gives you freedom from piles with out surgery. You will start getting results in just 2 days of using it and generally, it take about a month for complete relief. Up to 90% of our patients reported amazing results in just 2 days. Pilesfit combo pack is so good, that even doctors have started prescribing it.

frequently asked questions

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One pack of pilesfit combo contains a bottle of 60 capsules and a cream. The complete combo pack price is Rs. 1500/= and it lasts for 15 days. There is an exclusive limited time offer of Rs. 100 off. for all COD orders. Pay online and get whopping Rs. 400/= discount.

Pilesfit is very easy to use. Take Two capsules in morning after breakfast and two after dinner. Apply cream once at bedtime with the help of applicator provided with the cream.

It depends on the severity of your problem. Generally it takes one month to give you complete results. However, you will start getting relief in pain, itching etc. within a week. Please note that duration of this treatment purely depends on the severity and age of the problem. More advanced stage problem takes more time for complete results. Results vary person to person.

Diet precaution is very important, if you are suffering from piles. What you eat is as important as taking medicine for piles. Mainly spicy, junk and fried food should not be consumed. Avoid alcohol, tea and coffee. Lots of vegetables, fruits and water should be taken daily.

No, there are no extra charges at all. Shipping is absolutely Free.

Yes they will. Once you will get relief, make sure not to repeat the things, which caused this piles problem and it will not come back.

pilesfit combo pack for 15 days

get rs. 100/= discount on COD order
pay online and Get flat rs. 400/= off !


  • 100% relief in your pain and discomfort
  • Your lumps will vanish like they were never there
  • Your bowel movement will be easy and smooth
  • Your piles will go with out surgery
  • Discreet Packaging. Privacy Guaranteed

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The best ayurvedic piles treatment, which gives complete result

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