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Do not suffer from piles, in silence. Do not live with pain and discomfort. Live your life, free from hemorrhoids and discomfort.

You need not to bear all the pain and uneasy ness, when there is the most effective treatment of piles available.

Presenting, PILESFIT- The Best Ayurvedic Piles Medicine

ayurvedic piles treatment


You will get 100% piles cure without surgery, with no side effects.

Pilesfit is a complete treatment for piles, which gives 100% results. It stops bleeding, cure hemorrhoids and soothes your itching, pain and burning.

Why should You take Pilesfit as your medicine for piles?

piles medicine

The following are the main benefits in taking Pilesfit

  1. Piles treatment without surgery
  2. 100% natural and safe
  3. Has no side effect
  4. Remove lumps
  5. Stops bleeding
  6. Cure itching, burning and swelling
  7. Eases constipation
  8. Based on authentic Ayurveda formula
  9. Long lasting effective results
  10. Privacy guaranteed
  11. Escape embarrassing medical check ups (specially women)
  12. Ease of Dosage


“I was suffering from third grade piles and doctor asked me to go for surgery. It was scary for me and I wanted to escape it. I found this medicine in google search and ordered one combo pack. I am glad share that in just two months I am completely cured.” Pradnya Joshi, Pune.

piles cure

Pilesfit is a complete solution for all kind of piles. It contains Ayurvedic pills, to be taken orally along with an ayurvedic cream to apply externally, which gives the fastest cure. Due to its dual action internally and externally it is the most effective treatment for hemorrhoids. Most of the piles medicines available OTC or online either has only pills or only cream.

Pilesfit is a combination of some rare and effective herbs which give complete cure from this condition. As it is based on ayurveda, It is the safest treatment, which cures piles, without operation and it has no side effects.

Start Getting Relief in Pain, Itching, Bleeding, in Just One Week

By using our piles medicine, which is the most effective in treating all kind of hemorrhoids, you will start getting relief in your pain, bleeding etc within seven days. However for complete cure, it is recommended to continue for at least one month.

“After using so many products to cure my piles, Now I can say that Pilesfit pack is the best, when it comes to get results. Thanks.” Laxman Bhoye, Mumbai.

Dosage and duration of Treatment

Dosage are very simple and easy to use. One capsule, in morning after breakfast and one after dinner. Apply cream once at bedtime with the help of applicator, provided with cream tube.

As far as, duration of this treatment for piles is concern, for most of the cases (near about 80-85%) one month medication is sufficient to get complete cure. However, for patients who have old piles problem or severe condition, or patients who have already reached to 3rd or 4th stage, need to use it more (up to three months) .

ayurvedic medicine for piles

How it is different from others?

There are so many products available in the market, that it is very difficult to understand, which one to use. All products claims big about themselves. Pilesfit is a pioneer ayurvedic piles medicine and it completely stick to the principals of ayurveda. The highest quality herbs and ingredients are used to produce this treatment, for achieving the highest quality and best results and cure. Pilesfit does not make any big claims. Being a ayurvedic preparation, it takes time to get complete cure. However results start arriving in eight to ten days of usage. Pain, itching, burning sensations or bleeding start to get reducing. Lumps will also go in gradual manner.

Diet Precautions

Strict diet control is as important as medicine, in piles disease. There are certain foods which should not be taken. Chilies, spicy food, fried food, junk food should not be consumed. Alcohol, tea and coffee should also be avoided in piles.

Eat plenty of vegetables, fruits and drink lots of water. These are helpful in making stool soft which will easily pass and eventually helpful in curing piles.

Also opt for an active lifestyle. Do some light exercises like walking, swimming etc. Do not do heavy weight training if suffering from hemorrhoids.

“Using it for last 15 days. Pain etc. is not there now but lumps are still there. Though I feel that they are a bit smaller than before. I am asked to complete my first pack. lets see.” Sai Kiran Churu.

A Deep Insight on PILES or HEMORRHOIDS

Hemorrhoids are cushion tissues present in the anal canal or around the anus and help to regulate and control the stool. While Hemorrhoids are considered as unpleasant inflammations, we all have them and they are immensely functional in the human body.

internal and external piles picture

It is when these cushions that inflame beyond the acceptable comfort and requirement of the human body, that they are considered as Pathological Hemorrhoids.
Piles vary in sizes, placements, severity and symptoms and are broadly classified into Internal and External Piles.

Piles is curable and can be treated using a wide number of treatments available in the modern world. However, a majority of population suffering from it prefer to practice an Ayurvedic treatment due to its advantages over other treatments.


They vary in sizes and their placement and thus are broadly classified into two categories:
INTERNAL PILES– Present inside the anal canal/rectum.
EXTERNAL PILES– Present around the anal canal opening/anus.

type of piles

The Internal one is found to be more common as compared to the External Piles. The two categories are further discussed in detail for your better understanding and knowledge-

INTERNAL PILES: Internal Piles occur inside the Anal Canal and Rectum. Their degree of severity increases with their grades. They are further classified into 4 grades/degrees:

i. GRADE I – These are small inflammations inside the Anal Canal and are not visible. However, they may cause minor itching or irritation and pain. This grade piles generally do not bleed.

ii. GRADE II – The Second Grade Piles are comparatively larger than the First Grade and may also experience bleeding. They may get pushed out due to pressure while passing a stool or during bowel movements but eventually return to their initial positions on their own into the anal canal or the rectum.

different stages of hemorrhoids

iii. GRADE III – The Third Grade is also known as “Prolapsed Hemorrhoids”. You may feel them hanging out of the anal canal due to their large sizes however they may be pushed back in manually. They experience all the symptoms of the earlier stages.

iv. GRADE IV – This is the Last Grade of Piles. It includes inflammations which hang partially out of the anus all the time. It can’t be pushed back in to its original placement due to its large size. They also experience all the symptoms of the earlier stages. This grade piles must be immediately treated without delay with the help of a medical expert.

EXTERNAL PILES: External hemorrhoid occur around the anal canal opening/anus. These lumps are extremely painful and itchy especially in case a blood clot is formed inside it. They cause pain and inconvenience while sitting and performing regular activities at work/study or home. These piles are often treated using ice packs to bring down the soreness as a home remedy.


  1. Bleeding while passing a stool or after the bowel movement- You may notice blood during or after the bowel movements- on the faeces or the toilet paper or the toilet bowl. However, bleeding may also occur even if you are not passing a stool.
  2. Swollen lumps around the anus- Red sore lumps may appear around your anus and cause pain and itchiness. It might feel uncomfortable and painful to sit, specifically and perform your daily chores. In some cases, these lumps may also appear bluish or purple in colour.
  3. Bowels feeling full even after emptying them- You may feel that your bowels haven’t emptied completely even after emptying them. You would still feel the urge of emptying them again.
  4. Pain and itchiness- You may experience pain, itchiness and discomfort during and after a bowel movement.
  5. Mucus discharge- You will notice a watery discharge from anus or leaking faeces.

These symptoms must be taken seriously and the patient must consult a medical expert.


  1. Ageing– As you grow older, the anal canal weakens and this causes piles.
  2. Pregnancy– During pregnancy, the weight on abdomen increases and might lead to piles. However, this heals with time once the baby is born.
  3. Prolonged constipation– A long time prevailing constipation is the main cause of piles in the majority of piles cases. Thus, constipation must be taken seriously and treated before the case worsens and causes piles.
  4. Genetic– Piles is common if you have a family history of piles. It can be found in the people of the same family members. Thus, if you have any history of piles in your family, you must take all the precautions to prevent piles (Please refer to the precautions mentioned in the last segment).
  5. Straining while passing a stool– Excess pressure while passing a stool also leads to piles. You should not apply excessive force to pass a stool and let the pressure build naturally.
  6. Lifting heavy weights– Lifting heavy weights while holding breaths also causes piles due to frequent excess pressure caused.
  7. Chronic cough
  8. Chronic diarrhoea– Chronic diarrhoea leads to piles due to irritation caused in the anal canal and around anus frequently.
  9. Improper eating habits– Excessive intake of fatty and oily food and low intake of fibre contents. You must maintain a control over the intake of unhealthy food and adopt a balanced diet and increase the fibre contents if you are suffering from piles.
  10. Antibiotics and allopathic drugs– A long term intake of Antibiotics and Allopathic drugs can cause piles.
  11. Sitting for long hours– Sitting for long hours at work or during study hours, etc may also cause piles.


Proper diet and a healthy lifestyle– Adopt a fiber-rich diet. Include wholegrain cereal, pulses, nuts, fruits, vegetables, wholegrain rice and pasta and beans.

Keep your body hydrated– Make sure to drink plenty of water and fluids to keep your body hydrated always. This helps in avoiding constipation.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol to a great extent.

The pressure issue– Don’t strain a lot during bowel movements and don’t fight the urge to pass the stool. Don’t control the stool back going against the nature’s phenomenon.

Avoid sitting for an extensive period of time.

Avoid using your mobile phones or reading during bowel movement. Try to focus on a single task and don’t sit for longer periods on the toilet commode.

The power of yoga– Adopting regular yoga practices in your daily life can help you live a healthy life and prevent piles.

Regular exercise– Regular exercises helps to keep your body fit and flexible and avoids the chances of occurrence of piles.


Constipation is the main cause leading to piles- Constipation is the leading cause of piles with about two-third of the people suffering from it.

Piles are inflamed hemorrhoids- They are present in every human body.

Piles can be cured without surgery- People often link the treatment of piles to surgery which is not required in every case. In fact, surgery is suggested only when the other non-surgical treatments fail to improve the condition of the patient. Thus, piles can be cured and treated in various non-surgical methods too.

Piles can disappear on their own- In certain cases, piles may disappear on their own if you follow few precautions to prevent them from getting worse.

These include-
• having a fiber-rich diet,
• taking over the counter medicines to treat the symptoms,
• taking sitz bath for a few days,
• avoid straining while passing a stool and
• using baby wipes or wet wipes to clean the area around anus instead of dry wipes. Also, instead of wiping, you must dab the area clean.

Pregnancy may cause piles- Pregnancy often causes piles in women due to excess pressure upon the abdomen.

Piles may be observed in younger adults- Piles is not affected by your age. Even though it is commonly observed in the older people, it is due to the week anal canal that causes the same. It is an absolutely normal case if piles is experienced by younger adults.

Grade III or Grade IV piles may require surgery- Grade III and Grade IV Piles are severe as compared to the prior grades. Thus, surgery may be required to treat the same.

Only 10% of cases require a surgical treatment- Surgery isn’t required in each and every case of piles. It is observed that only 10% of the cases that are reported to the doctor requires a surgical treatment whereas others can be treated using non-surgical methods.


Piles are very common and do not cause any serious damage. However, if piles prevail for a long period of time, it may cause certain complications, such as-

If treatment shows no improvement, there is a risk of formation of ulcers on external piles.
The discharge of mucus from anus can cause the surrounding skin to inflame and get damaged.
If piles remains untreated or have been surgically treated various times, it has a chance to lead to rectal cancer which is although a very rare case.
Continuous loss of blood due to piles can cause the deficiency of blood in your body, thereby causing Anemia.
Skin tags may take place if the inside of the piles lump shrinks but the skin remains.
The Fourth Grade Piles may get strangulated, that is, they may lose their supply of blood. This would lead to the further problems like extreme pain and death of the tissue (gangrene) which is also life threatening.
Since the blood vessels are directly linked to the liver, any infection in the anal canal has a risk of spreading to the whole body. This may cause severe complications.
Piles can bring down your self confidence in your private life. You may talk to your medical consultant regarding the same.


Exercise should be avoided if you have piles- Regular exercise can actually help prevent constipation whereas you should not lift heavy weights if you have piles.
Cold surfaces cause piles- Cold surfaces can actually help to heal some symptoms of piles like swelling if applied to the anus but only under a limited time.
What you eat doesn’t affect piles- Constipation is the major factor in most cases to cause piles. Since constipation is directly linked with your eating habits, piles is therefore linked to what you eat.
Only older people get piles- Piles is most commonly observed amongst the age group of 45-65. Although, piles in younger people is not unusual and its occurrence is not affected by age.
Treatment for piles requires surgery- Surgery is required only in severe cases. Piles can be cured by non-surgical methods like banding, Ayurvedic treatments, scelotherapy or even home remedies. In most cases, patients prefer to be treated in an Ayurvedic way due to the various benefits of the Ayurvedic treatments over other available treatments.
Piles increases the risk of cancer- Piles does not increases the risk of colon cancer, however, the symptoms of the both are similar to a greater extent.
Piles is always associated with bleeding- The symptoms of piles may appear with or without bleeding. There are cases in which you may only experience soreness, pain and itching in the lumps without them bleeding.

Customer’s Reviews

Kusum Yadav, New Delhi

“The real effective medicine for piles.”

Tirath Singh, Chandigarh

“My bleeding has stopped in just three days. It’s like magic.”

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